The quality of components in the infrastructure of any communication network is very important and critical.

Having this in mind, Furukawa offers the Furukawa Extended Warranty Program, that ensure the performance of network up to 25 years.

For requesting the Extended Warranty, end customer can contact a Furukawa Accredited System Integrator.

Furukawa Extended Warranty have no additional cost, and aggregates several benefits to customers :


  • Superior performance, ensured by complete certification of network. Special dedicated test equipment are used to ensure high quality levels of performance of the infrastructure.
  • Complete technical and as built records, facilitating management and future expansions or changes in the network.
  • Through the special dedicated test equipment it is possible to assure that the cabling infrastructure used attend the optical and electrical performance requirements of the main applications like Ethernet (100Mpbs, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps) or Fibre Channel.
  • Ensure to the end customer that a 3rd party company (in this case Furukawa) will verify: the documentation of the cabling infrastructure installed (documentation for future uses), the list of products used (compatibility impacts in performance), how the products were installed (avoiding future performance problems), how the identification of the main parts of the cabling infrastructure were done (for day by day necessities of identification), and if the performance of the system installed achieved the requirements of the standards.
  • Full availability for installed network - verify bending radius or stress in cables and connectors, avoiding disconnections due to excessive stress, pressure or tension.
  • Reliable Network guaranteed up to 25 years. Besides these benefits during the process of the Extended Warranty verification. Furukawa will support End Customer and its installer in any doubts about the correct usage of Cabling products and also recommend best practices of project and installation.

  • The warranty coverage starts by the emission of Extended Warranty Certificate, that is issued after approval of technical documentation and inspection on site done by Furukawa or authorized company.

    After conclusion of process, generated documents will be archived and available for end customer and system integrator.

    For more information, please contact a Furukawa Accredited System Integrator or call +66 (0) 2-105-4057 

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