Pigtail and Optical Adapter Kit - Multimode (MM)
Part Number Description Color Specification
35260467 PIGTAIL AND OPTICAL ADAPTER KIT - 02F - MM (50.0) OM3 - LC-UPC - D0.9 - AQUA
35260400 PIGTAIL AND OPTICAL ADAPTER KIT - 02F - MM (50.0) OM3 - SC-UPC - D0.9 - AQUA
35260252 PIGTAIL AND OPTICAL ADAPTER KIT - 02F - MM (50.0) OM3 - ST-UPC - D0.9 - AQUA
35260388 PIGTAIL AND OPTICAL ADAPTER KIT - 02F - MM (50.0) OM4 - LC-UPC - D0.9 - AQUA
35260401 PIGTAIL AND OPTICAL ADAPTER KIT - 02F - MM (50.0) OM4 - SC-UPC - D0.9 - AQUA

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General Characteristics
Product Type Pigtail and Optical Adapter
Description The Optical Extension Kit consists typically of two
main parts :
Optical Pigtail: optical cable, singlefiber or duplex, connectorized at one end only;
Optical Adaptor: coupler that interconnects two optical connectors, of the same type of extension that is being provided.
Advantage Recommended for internal use only, ending optical cables
in optical distributors, in optical systems with low loss and high bandwidth,
like: high distance systems, backbone networks, video and data transmission
and distribution;
Exceeds performance requirements of EIA/TIA-568-B.3 standard;
Support for background requirements of IEEE 802.3 (Gigabit and 10 Gigabit
Ethernet) and ANSI T11.2 (Fibre Channel) standard;
Full assembled and tested on factory;
High performance for insertion loss and return loss (backreflection);
Avaiable in diverse kinds of optical connectors;
Avaiable for singlemode and multimode optical fiber;
Avaiable in PC and APC polishing.
Fiber D 0.9 D 2.0
Singlemode Standard (G.652B) White Blue
Singlemode LWP (G.652D) White Blue
Singlemode (G657) White White
Multimode OM1 (62,5µm) Orange Orange
Multimode OM2 (50µm) Orange Orange
Multimode OM3 (50µm) Acqua Acqua
Multimode OM4 (50µm) Acqua Acqua
Connector Type LC, SC, MT-RJ, ST, FC, E-2000
Polish Type PC (SPC/UPC) - Singlemode and multimode fibers
APC - Singlemode fibers


ABNT NBR 14433 - Connectors mounted on optical cords or optical fiber cables and
adapters - Specification
ABNT NBR 14705 - Classification of internal cables for telecommunications about
of flame behavior - Specification
ISO 8877 - Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange
between systems - Interface connector and contact assignments for ISDN basic
access interface located at reference points S and T
ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-C.0 - Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Costumer Premises
ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-C.1 - Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard
ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-C.3 - Optical Fiber Cabling Component Standard
ISO/IEC 11.801 Ed.02 

Technology Innovation and quality in certified and recognized products.

Optical Fibers

When it comes to long distance and transmission rate’s performance, optical cabling is the best. It is by far, a better choice than copper cabling. Installation of optical networks follow the same rules as those for buildings, datacenter or MDUs. The optical channel presented at the figure below is an example of performance measurement for any optical solution.

Aiming even higher transmission rates, different multimode fibers MM(50/125μm) were developed, such as OM3, OM4 and more recently OM5. These ibers are compatible with VCSEL, a semiconductor-based laser diode that allows higher taxes of transmission, within distances compatible with local networks. Among the fibers applied in critical environments or with high taxes of data transmission, OM5 should be highlighted, as it is the only one which bandwidth is characterized to be used with SWDW (Short Wavelength Division Multiplexing). The following table shows the performance of multimode optical fibers under the use of SWDM.

OM5 Multimode Fiber
The Wide band multimode optical fiber (WBMMF), optimized for SWDM application

The new generation of the 50 µm multimode fibers, known as OM5, comes to enlarge the performance from previous versions, allowing data traffic in rates such as 40G/100Gbps, for now. Besides being totally compatible with current application of Multimode fibers, the new model was developed in order to support and promote the use of SWDM, which operation and use is explained and depicted as it follows:

In order to establish minimum condition for performance of SWDM technology usage with multimode fibers, it is necessary to establish and determine the bandwidth necessity to transit all used wavelengths. The main differential of the OM5, when comparing with previous fibers, is this characterization.
Currently, the technology SWDM supports 4 wavelengths, that means an improvement of 4 times the transmission rate in face of conventional transmission. OM5 fiber is still under standardization phase, it is still awaiting for the creation of a norm, such as TIA- 942AAAE, to stablish specifications for its specific multimode optical fibers.

Single-Mode Fibers & Non-Zero Dispersion (NZD)

“Low Water Peak” (G.652.D) ---> Metropolitan and access networks.
It enables future expansion of the network for new users via CWDM in up to 16 channels. Fifty percent increase of the transmission capacity in relation to the conventional single-mode fibers. Low attenuation coefficient at the water absorption peak (1383±3 nm), assuring additional use of the E band (1360 to 1460 nm), as well as along the other transmission bands (1270 to 1610 nm)

“Bending Loss Insensitive” (G.657.A ---> FTTH Access networks (Fiber-To-The-Home) and local networks.
Low values of loss, due to curvature, along its entire transmission spectrum, from 1260 to 1625 nm. It allows bending at diameters up to 20 mm generating maximum loss of 0.5 dB at 1625nm and 0.2 dB at 1550 nm.

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